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ARNM 提案された新方法論 判定
0007-rev Restoration of degraded lands through afforestation/ reforestation Version No: 2 →ARNM0002 A
0015 Afforestation and reforestation project activities implemented for industrial and/or commercial uses
0016 Afforestation for harvesting purpose in unsustainably managed grasslands C
0017 Baseline methodology for afforestation or reforestation of degraded lands accounting for carbon stock changes in the above-ground biomass, belowground biomass, dead wood and soil organic carbon pools B
0018 Afforestation/Reforestation of degraded land through control of animal grazing and assited natural regeneration →ARNM0003 A
0019 Reforestation or Afforestation of Land currently under Agricultural Use
0020 Baseline and Monitoring Methodologies for Afforestation/Reforestation with Trees and Shrubs on Degraded Land.
0021 Reforestation of Land currently under Agricultural or Pastoral Use
0022 Afforestation of the cropland through agroforestry practices C
0023 A/R CDM baseline and monitoring methodology for community rubberwood reforestation Version 1.1 C
0024 Baseline and monitoring methodologies for reforestation project activities in abandoned areas and with multiple landholders Version 1.0
0025 Forest Restoration Carbon Analysis version 1 C